Do you feel lonely on your ICM journey? Do you not get enough comments or support from people you show your images to? Do you want more feedback than just Instagram likes?

ICMPhotoMag Network is a sister-project of the Academy, and is hosted by Kaisa and Morag along with Stephanie Johnson.

We are a community of like-minded photographers in a continuous learning environment that provides education, creative inspiration, mentoring, thoughtful feedback, and encouragement. All in a nurturing and welcoming environment and suitable for all skill levels (from beginner to advanced). 

One of the main values of this community is in the members’ only content, interactive live sessions, image reviews, guest speakers, mentoring, inspiration, and encouragement, as well as community interaction in a focused environment of like-minded creatives. A large part of the value comes more from the tools we provide to help you discover your own unique path to creativity and self-expression through ICM photography, in a friendly, nurturing, co-learning environment. 

Solange Boulet-Bélanger
The ICMPhotomag Network community has been a wonderful addition and inspiration to my artistic photography. It has help me learn how Intentional Camera Movement can bring expression and feeling to an image. Creativity is at the centre of ICM, and every one of us is creative in some way. So, why not explore this gift? The ICM PhotoMagNetwork community has helped me develop my own style of ICM images. Stephanie, Kaisa and Morag have been very generous in sharing their knowledge with the community. The resources given to community members are enormous, appropriate, and much appreciated. The ICM Photomag Network community is a place of continuous learning and sharing. I recommend it to anyone who wants to explore and pursue a creative vision in photography.

Helen Lunden
My membership in the ICMPhotomag Network Community means a lot to me. The inspirational workshops and feedback available have made me a bolder and more experimental photographer. I'm especially intrigued by the January/February theme, "Abstract Expressionism." Morag, Stephanie and Kaisa are all very generous, sharing their knowledge and expertise with us all. The discussions with and feedback from other members are also really helpful and interesting. The atmosphere in the community is very positive and encouraging. I'm looking forward to going on learning more, both technically and artistically. I love the playfulness of ICM and the opportunity for artistic development. I can´t paint or draw, but with ICM, artistic expression is still achievable. Thank you so much for setting up this network!

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